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Are you a newly-appointed teacher who has just ventured into his/her teaching career, or has been teaching for less than three years? Or, are you a mentor who has been given the responsibility of helping newly-appointed teachers embark successfully on their professional journey? Then the INDUCAS project is just the right thing for you!

INDUCAS is a pilot project, launched in May 2017 and funded by the European Union, which aims to address two main questions:

1. How can beginning teachers be better supported through a targeted network that facilitates a dialogue amongst them?

2.  How could a similar network of mentors help them develop their practice within their own community and for the benefit of beginning teachers whom they are bound to support?

During the pilot phase of INDUCAS (2017-2018), newly-appointed teachers and mentors from Italy, France, Sweden and Romania are invited to join the platform and participate in eight communities (one community for each of the two networks in each of the four countries). They will be able to interact with other peers, share ideas, address challenges and learn in their own language.

Already hundreds of teachers are participating in the communities, launched in May 2017. You have now the opportunity, during the month of September 2017, to become part of this vibrant network of teachers.

If you are interested in joining one of the four communities for newly-appointed teachers, please fill in this form.

If you are interested in joining the network for mentors, please enroll to the Mentoring in Schools course here so that, as from September, you can join the mentors’ community. More information about the network will be provided as part of the course.