Various studies show that newly-appointed teachers face many challenges and difficulties in their new teaching roles. Although induction programs are available in most European countries, extra support for beginning teachers would be beneficial. On the other side, mentors have strong responsibilities in introducing new teachers to their new role: but are mentors ready for this task?

INDUCAS is a pilot project funded by the European Union which will address two main questions:
1.    How can beginning teachers be better supported through a targeted network that facilitates dialogue between these individuals?
2.    How could a similar space support a network of mentors that develop their practice within their own community, for the benefit of the beginning teachers in their care?

In the pilot phase of INDUCAS (2017-2018), newly appointed teachers and mentors from Italy, France, Sweden and Romania will be encouraged to participate via the establishment of:

-    Four communities (one in each country, in the local language) for newly appointed teachers (with less than 2-years teaching experience). Activities will run between May and November 2017
-    Four communities (one in each country, in the local language) for mentors of newly appointed teachers. Mentors will be invited to attend an online course in May and join a dedicated community in September 2017.

Participants in the eight communities will be able to interact, share and learn in their own languages with other peers to exchange ideas and build a community of practice and, ultimately, address issues and challenges in a more efficient, effective and engaging way.

If you are interested in joining one of the four communities for newly appointed teachers, please fill in the form below. Activities will start at the beginning of May.

If you are interested in joining the network for mentors, please enroll on the Mentoring in Schools course here.  More information about the network will be provided as part of the course.